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Computer-Based Testing Center

eIDentity Services has partnered with some of the most trusted and leading computer-based testing providers in the industry. Leading licensure, certification and assessment programs around the world depend on these providers to implement innovative, high-stakes computer-based testing solutions that enhance the performance, 

reliability and security of their

testing programs.

Drug Testing

eIDentity Services LLC conducts both hair follicle and non/DOT urine drug testing. 5-Panel testing includes cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, phencyclidine, and marijuana. Testing for drugs as part of the pre-employment screening is becoming a necessity. The liability, productivity and health issues surrounding drug abuse in the workplace are important concerns for employers. The percentage of workers who reported some form of drug testing program in their workplace is up 5% in each of the last few years. For those employed in small businesses (less than 25 employees) the use of drug testing increased to 28 percent. The increase was even greater for medium-sized businesses (25 to 499 employees) the use of drug testing increased to 58 percent. With the larger companies (500+ employees) the percentage of drug testing was at 74 percent. Suspicion based testing, post-accident testing and random drug testing programs are increasingly used to maintain a safe and productive workplace. Courts/Law Enforcement Courts and law enforcement agencies are taking advantage of the superior capabilities of hair testing. With hair testing's accuracy, wide window of detection and flexibility as to time of collection, better decisions can be made in court cases and parole situations. Educational Institutions School administrators have been given more latitude from parents, communities and the courts to establish testing programs to find and remove drugs from the educational environment. Hair testing is a particularly effective method to meet this need.

Aviation Industry Fingerprinting

eIDentity Services is a certified collector for National Air Transportation Association. NATA Compliance Services (NATA-CS) is the only full service employee background investigation and verification company in the country specializing in the aviation industry. As a subsidiary of the National Air Transportation Association, regarded as the "Voice of Aviation" in the United States, no other team in the business is better suited to fill the role of "Watchdog

of Transportation" than NATA Compliance Services.

Fingerprint Training

eIDentity Services offers a 2 hour training class on ink fingerprinting. Learn to capture quality flat & rolled prints. Training consists of (1) Fingerprint Patterns & Classifications (2) Basic Rules & Techniques (3) Tips for Success (4) Demonstration (5) Practice

Expedited Passports and Visas

Need a passport in a hurry? eIDentity Services can assist you in obtaining your passport or visa in two weeks or LESS! We can even take your passport photo!

Notary Services

eIDentity Services has a Notary Public available to serve you.

No appointment necessary!

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